Investor Inspection in Oklahoma City

What We Inspect

When a Real Estate Investor in Oklahoma City buys a house normally they do not care about all the aspects of a home inspection but just really need to know about the bones of a house.  When completing an investor inspection we look at 4 main components of the home the structure (including roof), plumbing, electrical and HVAC.  This gives them an idea of what needs to be done during the flip of the home.  walking around I will still advise them on ideas for their flip to make it better for them if they would like my 2 cents.  

If you are an investor looking for a Investor Inspection in Oklahoma City look no further.  I can also work out a schedule for you to check up on the status of the repairs so you know the house is 100% ready when the time comes to get a return on your investment.  

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Areas Includud In Inspection

Structure / Roof



We inspect your basement, crawlspace and foundation. We can identify issues in your insulation, ventilation, post, vapor barriers, utility attachments, floors, walls and columns.




We will identify issues with your water pressure, water distribution system, water heaters, hose bibs, sinks, faucets, bath, shower, toilet, sanitary system, well and septic systems, and other plumbing 



To ensure your family will be safe in your future home, we inspect the service entry, clearance, service panel, switches, outlets, visible wiring, junction boxes, grounding systems and recalled, obsolete, unsafe, and all other electrical components.



HVAC systems will be inspected detecting issues with the filters, insulation, cleanliness, heat exchangers, fuses, breakers, ductwork, fuel supply, weather stripping, clearances, performance and other visible HVAC components.