Phased Inspection in Oklahoma City

Phased Inspection in Oklahoma City Details

Buying a home is stressful enough, but new construction homes are a dream come true!  All to often these homes have the same inspectors coming through and it is always a great idea to have a new home inspection by a trained set of eyes in your corner.  

A phased inspection in Oklahoma City has three inspections in the building process: before the foundation is poured, pre-sheet rock and a final inspection. 

George Carpenter the owner of Kingdom Inspections LLC has been a new home construction manager and trained in read blue prints to ensure all the structure and boards you see are the proper ones.   Having a third party inspection company just protects you and ensures your home is built properly.  A phased inspection includes return inspections to ensure repairs were completed before they cover the problem.  

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Phased Inspection Details

Pre Foundation Pour



We inspect your grounds to ensure they are ready for concrete before the truck is ordered.  We look at the plumbing grounds, grounding rods, post - tension cables , brick ledges, and option packs that affect foundation including brick ledges, patios and mud set showers.  



 During the pre-drywall we are inspecting everything that will be hidden once the drywall is hung.  This includes your structure, electrical, plumbing and HVAC.  When inspecting these we are looking for them to be in line with the blueprints of the house and will come back to ensure they are corrected before drywall is hung.  

Final Inspection


This Inspection is a typical home inspection where we are looking at all the aspects of the home.  For more information see the home inspection tab.